“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. Consequently, it will never fail you.”

Nature is both precious and powerful. Rather than considering nature as a potential enemy, it seems preferable to build with nature, to favor a certain symbiosis, which benefits to human and respect the environment.

However, we all know that the world faces a worldwide Pandemic – COVID-19, where it is crucial to avoid too many interactions. Due to this unbelievable but real situation, one of the most affected industries is Tourism and Hospitality. But KANOPYA Team believe that we can revive this sector by designing Eco-Resorts with Nature, for human wellness but still following social distancing guidelines. Nature is the best mental therapy; that is why “KANOPYA Tropical Lodges” serve in this regard.


What are the KANOPYA LIVING Lodges?

KANOPYA LIVING proposes a Turnkey solution to supply and install Eco-Chic Lodges tailor-made for high-end sustainable Hospitality sector. The innovative design of those tropical Lodges is inspired by Nature and directly grab the attention of any traveler. The main intention of KANOPYA Team is to offer a fully immersive experience into “virgin” natural site by proposing 3 main versions of lodges.

  • Harmony Lodges (No AC – Solar panels Kit – Passive Building)
  • Eternity Lodges (Luxury lodges with 5-star comfort)
  • Infinity Lodges (Exclusive lodges with 5-star comfort and extra-large suspended deck)

A developer/investor that needs to build right in the middle of the forest, desert, overwater or mountains should look after the natural setting. However, the KANOPYA tropical Lodges are fulfilling the social responsibility to protect the environment. The foundations and stilts system is designed to preserve the existing natural settings and limit the construction footprint.


How are KANOPYA Lodges adapted to specific climate conditions and respectful of humans?

The design of the KANOPYA LIVING Lodges is truly environment friendly, promoting bio-sourced materials and innovative finishing without chemicals and plastic free. Moreover, KANOPYA company is fulfilling social responsibility to make sure all our partners offer very good  working conditions and follow all international standards for exporting our lodges anywhere in the World. There are the following highlights of Kanopya design approach;


  • Easy installation

Before heading, it is vital to make sure the smooth installation process. On the other hand, it is effortless to install the lodges anywhere in minimum time. If you want to install the lodges at any specific place, then the estimated period is six months from Lodge customization until full installation. KANOPYA Lodges are prefabricated in Vietnam and will be deliver anywhere in the World by truck or by boats. Moreover, due to the lightweight, 2-3 persons can easily carry the different elements of the Lodge to access in any remote areas: isolated island, jungle, mountains… No need of specific equipment to ensure the complete installation.

  • Energy efficiency

The Kanopya Lodges are really energy efficient; we do not speak about a Tent or a simple cabin; it is the combination of a lodge made in timber and properly insulated with a large tensile roof above that protect customers from direct sun and heavy (tropical) rains.

Our Autonomous and Harmony Lodges are made for land “off-grid” producing energy with a solar panel KIT. For the Lodges having Air Conditioning (Luxury, Eternity and Infinity), Kanopya still offer very efficient performance in terms of consumption compared to the large majority of 5-star Resorts, even the one that pretend to be “sustainable”. If we make a comparison then there are the following figures:

Average Energy consumption by 5-star Resorts/Hotels in Vietnam: 226 kWh/m2/year*

  • KANOPYA Infinity lodge: 65 kWh/m2/year
  • KANOPYA Eternity lodges: 60 kWh/m2/year
  • KANOPYA Harmony lodges: 10 kWh/m2/year

It is due to a very detailed study with our energy efficiency engineering Team who optimized the bioclimatic design and support us to get the most efficient insulation and select the best materials to avoid any thermal bridges, a key to get such good result under a Tropical Climate conditions with high temperature and high level of humidity.

  • Sustainable structure of the lodges

The lodges made up of the number one material to ensure the quality of the structure. We know that tropical locations could face any situation; that’s why the unique design is the key to saving it from the harms of the environment. Our timber structure (FSC forest) is designed by our timber engineers to be both resistant but also very elegant. The 12m main curved glulam beam is made in three parts to allow carrying all elements in a container. Moreover, the timber structure as well as the roof is perfectly assembled but it can be potentially dismantled and removed to be installed in another location if anything uncertain happens (pandemic, war…). Due to the sustainable design, the investment is saved up to 20 years without wear and tear.

  • Typhoon resistant

In tropical areas, the hurricanes and storms are the most common things. But you do not need to worry about the KANOPYA tropical lodges because they are excellent to bear those “extreme” wind conditions. Our tensile and structural engineers did all the calculation to make sure we can resist any Tropical seaside conditions.

  • Seismic resistance

We also know some edgy areas because of earthquakes. A natural risk that could bring so much destruction for the property. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about this situation with KANOPYA tropical Lodges. Our structural engineers confirm that you can easily bear the earthquake up to Richter 7-scales.

  • Good Life Cycle & Low maintenance

Apart from the above amazing features and qualities, there are the following other things that make these lodges more possible in the tropical locations. Due to the high-end materials and our unique constructive system, Kanopya Lodge’s life cycle is really good compared to most of our competitors. Lower maintenance means annual expenses reduction. Always a good argument for investors, especially in some remote areas with limited access to proper qualified contractors.


The original, eye-catching, and innovative design is enough to grab traveler’s attention with beautiful Interior Design and outdoor settings facing Nature. Due to its captivating design, KANOPYA Lodges have a competitive advantage worldwide.



* Study made in 2019 by Artelia Group for the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction.

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