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Our partner ELITHIS brought its technical support to optimize the energy performance of the 5 lodges by working with us on the envelop of the lodges, the performance of the glazing, the selection of the materials, the choice of “equipment” for each version… The result of our work is that the Infinity Version should consume only 60 Kwh/m2/year, knowing that the average consumption of a 5* Bungalow in Vietnam is today 226 Kwh/m2/year. We are able to divide the consumption by more than 3 !

Sustainability is not only a matter of marketing. KANOPYA Team spend 18 months in R&D to consider all the aspects to propose really low carbon lodges : foundation/stilts (low foot print on site), insulation (to be able to reduce the AC consumption), sourcing of materials used (timber from FSC forests, highly resistant tensile roof) and selection of finishing and loose furniture (recycled wood, natural painting without COV, locally sourced items to promote the know-how of local community…). Production of our Lodges is done in a factory which respect international standards in terms of working conditions. We can even bring our know-how about water treatment by local plants…Sustainability is a complex matter requiring expertise of the best consultants!

Our experienced construction team is the best in Vietnam for timber construction and tensile roof. We can install our lodges anywhere in the world, depending of the number of units you will order. Another option is to invite your own contractor in Vietnam to train them in our factory in order to set up a Mock-up together before to let you install your lodges, under your responsibility.

Generally speaking, Kanopya lodges concept is much faster to install than any other “traditional” construction. Then, the duration depends on the number of units you order and the time for shipping our Lodges in KIT. Our Team is able to install 20 units within 10 weeks, from foundation till full completion to welcome guests!

Yes. A soil study will allow us to adapt the foundations to the characteristics of your land in order to propose the most suitable and resistant solution. The stilts system allows us to propose a low foot print solution through minimal excavation and disruption to the natural environment. Our goal is really that Kanopya Lodges are part of the landscape without causing damage, for a full immersion experience!

The Kanopya team and our partners are able to take care of your complete project, from Master Planning phase till handover. Our team is composed by architects, landscape designers, energy efficiency engineers, tensile roof engineers, environmental engineers, structure and MEP engineers, lighting designers, sound designers, artists, and all expertise you need to design and build a proper luxury and truly sustainable Eco-Resort.

Kanopya Lodges structure has been specifically designed to be reproduce in serie (to save time on design stage) but several parts are customizable to answer your specific requirements : deck area (shape, pool, suspended net), facade and interior finishing (to bring the sense of place and to create your own universe), selection of loose furniture, decorative items, art pieces (to promote local know-how and artists) !

We can also propose a fully custom-made Lodge, but in that case, Kanopya design Team will require specific design fees to produce such innovative Lodge for a unique project.

The estimated lodge lifespan is a minimum of 20 years with a proper maintenance. Each element has a different warranty (timber structure, tensile roof…) and almost each component is replaceable. With our Tropical Lodge Collection, the tensile roof, the walls and ceiling panels, the exterior decoration can be replaced out independently, if necessary. It has been designed to limit the maintenance costs and make the operation easy. We can imagine to change the Interior finishing after 15 years to allow you to renew your image, but keeping the same structure. Kanopya lodge goal is really to propose a timeless design, to keep all materials as long as possible and keep the carbon footprint very low for each lodge.

The Lodges are sent in a KIT form (fully packed) by container to the final construction site, including remote areas (isolated island, forest, mangrove…). For the assembly and installation, our team -or your own team- will take care of the installation of the different elements of the lodge, all transportable by 2-3 workers, without heavy site equipment.

Our Harmony Lodge and Autonomous Lodge have been specially designed for this kind of remote areas. Those Lodges are autonomous thanks to an electric power supply provided by solar panels, and doesn’t require any connection to the grid. All our lodges have been designed to be sent in KIT and all the elements to be carried by 2/3 people without requiring heavy site equipment.

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