Kanopya Living – the Luxury eco-lodge advantages

Travelers have taken new steps and evolved. Eco-resorts/eco-lodges have helped them in reserving the environment and contributing to the local economy. Installing eco-lodges offers a new approach to preserving nature sustainably and respect community responsibly. An eco-resort/eco-lodge can simply be depicted as a step that positively contributes to the conservation efforts.

At Kanopya Living, we help these travelers in finding luxury eco-lodges by offering hoteliers and investors prefabricated Lodges that are innovative, elegant and respect ethical and ecological values. They play our part in the conservation of the environment. We offer a total of five types of lodges. Under 5-star category they are the Harmony 5-star lodge (autonomous version), Eternity 5 Star lodges, and Infinity 5 Star lodges (AC but very low energy consumption). And under 4 star we have Autonomous 4 Star lodges, and last and the one in the spotlight, Luxury 4 Star lodges. We can, of course, combine 2 lodges together to create “unique” family Lodges

When it comes to the general features of those  Luxury 4* eco-lodge, it has a 32m2 warm natural interior, a 9m2 outdoor covered bathroom and a terrace of 16m2. Speaking about the windows, they have a double-glazing that increases energy efficiency. When it comes to insulation, the Luxury eco-lodge is insulated with either rice husk (in Asia for example) or Rock wool (for the customers that it reassures to have recourse to industrial materials). A single air-conditioning unit along with a high-quality ceiling fan is also provided. This helps make up for the changes in the weather. The excellent quality wood structure is sourced from the FSC forest.

When it comes to the technical features of this luxury eco-lodge, it is a building that consumes very low energy. Around 80kWh/m2/year in a Tropical or Equatorial conditions. We can still improve the performance, depending of the site’s location and customer’s budget. It has an uninterrupted connection to the power grid, it ensures that you won’t face a problem regarding electricity. Those luxury eco-lodges will be completed customized, installed, and handed over to you in only 6 months (for a minimum order of 10 Keys). Being a luxury eco-lodge, it does a lot more than just contributing to the environment.


Criteria for eco-lodge

The basic reason for the creation of eco-lodges is related to the conservation of the environment. Eco-lodges create a type of habitat that is different from others. This difference can be seen in both the build and the operating system of the lodges. In order to be recognized as an eco-lodge, a specific set of guidelines is to be followed, these are called the International Ecolodge Guidelines. According to these guidelines, the eco-lodge accommodation should be:

  • Constructed in a natural environment where there is no disturbance by pollution, traffic smog or any sort of noise.
  • Use renewable energy technologies and energy-saving systems.
  • Provide education and awareness about the value and importance of a good ecosystem via different programs.

These criteria ensure that tourists and travelers become aware of the importance of a well-maintained ecosystem. It also ensures that they get to know that it is not necessary to modify or destroy habitats in order to contribute to the local economy and demonstrate a sustainable way of eco-tourism. All in all, if followed properly, these criteria help in building the development of a healthy and balanced eco-system.

At Kanopya Living, we did our best to follow the criteria. Our lodges are built in such a way that the traveler’s needs are fulfilled and maximum comfort and luxury is provided while keeping in mind the conservation of the environment.


Sustainability and Kanopya eco-lodges

The idea of sustainability is quite recent as the primary studies go back to the eighties. The fundamental aspect when talking about sustainability is primarily centered around the prosperity of future generations. However, the sustenance of irreplaceable natural resources is also particularly kept in mind.  Our exquisite and luxury eco-lodges meet all the requirements for sustainable tourism. We are well aware of the importance of sustainability for the benefits of the planet. Our primary focus is to promote our sustainability efforts as we realize that the number of travelers is increasing with passing time and that tourism and in particular the construction of tourist structures, including hotels, have a major impact on the environment.

Kanopya Living has put a lot of efforts in setting a high bar from a time when it was founded. Sustainability is not what we do, it’s who we are. It is at the core of our vision to preserve and conserve the culture, community and most of all, the environment. We have adapted the sustainability practices long before they were considered fashionable. However, we do not allow these practices to act as a barrier when it comes to the luxury and comfort provided by our lodges.

Following are some of the key takeaways that play a vital role in establishing us as a leader in the sustainable tourism sector.


Built to blend in

We have always kept our focus on utilizing architectural strategies that promote the use of local and sustainable building materials hence incorporating local culture and also having a positive influence on the design. These materials consist of natural fibers, geo-sourced and bio-sourced materials, along with certified wood and rapidly renewable substances. We can also offer an advanced water-treatment by plants incorporates throughout the property.

We concentrated on designing an external independent canvas for our lodges that not only give an elegant look, protect the main structure but also emphasize on keeping the temperature of the lodge cool hence minimizing the need for air-conditioning which leads to an overall reduced energy need. High efficiency ceiling fan and many windows allow us to offer a natural ventilation to avoid using air-conditioning system. This also leads to overall lower energy consumption.


Conservation of environment

We believe that conservation of the environment should be a top priority when it comes to building lodges. In order to do that, we focus on building and installing energy-efficient equipment. These systems and equipment prevent the ozone layer from all sorts of damages. Moreover, we are also offering solar energy resources on demand. This step has been taken to preserve our environment and to offer the possibility to install the lodges in isolated places off-grid. Moreover, conserving the environment also maintains a balance in wildlife.

The connection between you and nature can be extremely pleasant. Kanopya ensures that our customers feel every moment with the utmost satisfaction. Moreover, as you are close to nature, you can experience and gain knowledge about the nature in the surroundings. This can keep you busy if you want something educational. At the same time, you can also experience the way native people used to live in these areas.

So if you want to contribute to the world, then you can easily reside yourself in the eco-lodge without any hesitation. This positive movement will surely benefit you in terms of spiritually and physically.


Advantages of our Luxury eco-lodges

Now when we talk about lodges, there’s a difference between resort and eco-lodge. An eco-lodge, by standard definition, means a housing lodge. It finds a way to decrease its carbon footprint, all the while offering back to the local community. It is a destination where there is lodging, dining, and lots of entertainment. However, the focus of an eco-lodge is preserving the environment of the Earth. Therefore, it is simply a self-contained establishment. It makes attempts at providing everything a traveler/tourist could need.

Kanopya luxury lodges are made to be super eco-friendly lodges. The elegant style is eye-catching and at the same time, it can be super luxurious as well.

If you love nature then you will surely do anything to save it. Your little contribution to this area will make a great contribution to the environment. You can feel the ambience of native people under a single roof. This trip can be your educational trip as well. You can discover many natural resources around your lodge which you haven’t experienced in urban areas. Moreover, with this great beautiful nature around, you can be a great source of meditation for you. Especially, for those people who have a busy life in the cities and suffer from depressive disorders. This meditation can ease up your year tiredness in just a few days. There are a lot of advantages that come with this eco-lodge.



Privacy plays an important role in your life in which you can have peacetime of yours. However, Kanopya Living provides you with a lot of privacy. It provides you with your own space, so you don’t have to share it with strangers like in a huge concrete hotel. You can have your amenities as well as a personal retreat. It is the ideal place for you to look for a getaway. Moreover, it lets you pamper yourself. It also helps you relax completely in an extremely peaceful environment. You can just lay back and enjoy your tour or vacation according to your feasibility. Moreover, nature plays as a turning point for your vacations which can make you feel relaxed while having beautiful scenery ahead.


Extra Amenities

Kanopya Living provides you with a spot that is comfortable for you as a solo traveler. It works for couples as well. Furthermore, facilities like a swimming pool, or a dining area add to the exquisiteness of the lodges. It comes with a lot more services than before. Which further help make your stay at their lodge as luxurious and comfortable as possible. Each resort will be able to imagine its own amenities such as a pool bar is provided along with Yoga/Pilates fitness centers and Spa could be also available. It includes many other things as well.


Super comfortable

Kanopya Living aims to make your comfort their utmost priority. It’s different from a hotel room experience, where you just sit all day and admire the ambience. This Luxury eco-lodge is solely based on making you feel as if you’re in a home away from home and in an exceptional natural setting. Plus, you get to enjoy all the luxurious comforts under one roof, you know that comfort plays an important role in your vacation. But, Kanopya Living ensures your comfort and wellness over anything.


Relaxation Activities

By choosing our Luxury eco-lodge, you can enjoy several activities, both indoor and outdoor. Each resort customer services discuss activities and events. Several adventure activities could be offered like cycling, biking, and nature walks. Each resort will be able to allow its guests to enjoy activities even at nighttime like barbecue or a bonfire with light music. Hence, such activities help the guests relax and have their minds refreshed.



Choosing to stay at our luxury eco-lodge for your vacation can help you have an incredible experience. Kanopya Living offers you a huge range of activities to be a part of to make your stay all the more fun.  It’s an eco-tourism spot that lets you enjoy all sorts of modern-day activities and amenities. All the while being mindful of the environment. Some people want to go out for a solo vacation or just a fun weekend with their travel buddy. However, they are unable to because they don’t want environmental damage. Hence, Kanopya Living is the ideal place for them to choose an eco-friendly lodge. Have all the fun you want and protect the environment alongside.

Moreover, the comfort and wellness of the guests is a top priority for Kanopya Living. It even helps you get closer to nature because of its location. Getting closer to nature helps to achieve peace of mind. It helps you relax and forget the tensions of the world. It’s an incredible feeling when you realize that you can travel and still make the Earth a better place. Our eco-friendly lodges help you achieve this amazing feeling. We sincerely hope you found this article interesting enough to consider our eco-friendly lodges to stay.

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